Vagabond was founded in the late 60’s and originally only produced men’s shoes. So much has happened since. In the 80’s Vagabond’s young entrepreneurs-to-be fell in love with the brand and were entrusted with its transformation. In the beginning the design office was located in Portugal and in Italy, close to the world’s best knowledge of shoemaking. In 1993 Vagabond moves back to Varberg, Sweden, to set up a full workshop for prototypes, most likely one of its kind in Nothern Europe.

Today Vagabond is both women and men and distributes a great looking shoes and leather goods in more than 25 countries over the world. About 2,5 million pairs of shoes to be exact. Our origin is Sweden but we aim to feel at home everywhere we go. Our concept stores are proudly representing us in places like Stockholm, Berlin, Helsinki, Warsaw and Moscow. Fantastic shoe fashion stores are representing us in a lot of other places among them London, Paris and New York. Some of them with our shop-in-shop concept.

"We will be a global design brand bringing shoes and accessories to a diverse audience."

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Marie Nilsson Peterzén, Co-founder and Creative Director, about the future:

"We choose our own path and follow our own believes. This is possible with the skills gathered to develop our product, producing it and bringing it to the consumer. The key to success is definitely our staff and our way to always learn from new insights, still keeping the course we were aimed for."

Every day new styles are sketched and every day new shoes and accessories are born in our unique design studio and in our factory.

Quality to us is about harmony. We make our own lasts which speaks a clear style but also stand up for comfort. Our materials are carefully selected to do the job and with the quality you’d expect in your everyday fashion wear. The prototypes produced in our one-of-a-kind design studio, is a result of our joint efforts. We know that design and trend skills must be combined with the proper handicraft to reach the whole way.

We are dedicated to bring you the best looking shoes you’ve ever seen. We are dedicated to make the shoes that will fit your wardrobe. Every day.

Our every day mission is to make fashion shoes for those who care about style, quality and value for money. With this job comes a great responsibility for all steps of the way; product development, manufacturing, transports and brand communications. It concerns ethics, environmental care and social responsibility. When making our everyday choices in our chain of activities, we trust our know-how in combination with our instincts and common sense. When it comes to making the right decisions concerning how we interact and are influenced by the world around us, we also use these additional tools:

• Our Code of Conduct
• Cooperation with different external parties
• Organizations and experts

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• Close monitoring of chemicals to secure that no substances listed on
RSL are used in the shoe production.

• In Q1 2014 make a GAP analysis towards ISO 26000 together with
external consultant to identify our strengths and potentials.

• Change to organic cotton for textile lining for spring/summer collection
2015 which is produced Q2 and Q3 2014.

• 30% of all leather lining should chrome free tanned for spring/summer
collection 2015 which is produced Q2 and Q3 2014.

• Continue to be in a member of the project SSEI – Swedish Shoe
Environmental Initiative, www.ssei.se.

• Monthly follow up on site of all production units of shoe production.
• Factories should have MSDS for all chemicals used in shoe production. (MSDS = Material Safety Data Sheet)